Fabulous Firsts

After countless hours spent planning and preparing my classroom, I find that there’s nothing quite like a classroom full of students.  It will take me some time to adjust to my morning conference hour, being on my feet all day and talking a lot more than I’m used to, but for now, being in the classroom feels like coming home.

While running on the treadmill last night, the idea for this poem popped into my head.  As we will be working on definition poems later this week, I thought it fitting and decided to share.  I welcome your comments!


School is earlier to bed and much earlier to rise. 

School is butterflies dancing in the pit of my tummy. 

School is remembering combinations and crumpled schedules in sweaty hands. 

School is new haircuts, braces, glasses or clothes to slightly conceal the nerves. 

School is talking, learning, teaching, and laughing my way through the day. 

School is my internal schedule, my second wind of the calendar year. 

School is hard work and frantic fun. 

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  1. Emily Quinn 09/19/2007 at 7:21 pm | | Reply

    Mrs. Cornwell did you write that? If you did I think it is all true about school. Especially the part about crumpled schedules in sweaty hands. I think that was true about nearly all of the kids in our school on the first day.

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