The Homework Honeymoon has ended

I’ve been purposely avoiding this post, but I feel that the time has come.  Having worked through a pretty intense first unit, I was structuring this next two-week timeframe with a few more light-hearted activities that accomplished the same tasks.  Seventh grade students are working on writing comics to illustrate the importance of text and image interplay, while Eighth grade students are engaging in descriptively writing about a topic of their choice. 

Where we’d originally been in the high 90’s or even 100% return on homework, a few of my classes have fallen to around the mid-to-low 50’s.  Trying to seek out the reason behind the sudden drop, students reported that forgetfulness was the main culprit.  I really hope that the talks we’ve had in class will be effective.

As parents (or students) what do you find to be helpful strategies to increase motivation? 

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  1. Mary Sprunger 09/29/2007 at 8:10 pm | | Reply

    Motivation,for homework!?!? Is there such a thing???? At home I motivate Erica to do her homework by holding the computer, or her social life hostage. I think that rewards for a job well done also work. Usually the peace of mind you get from having your homework done is reward enough, you know, not having to worry about when your parents find out your not doing your homework.

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