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Greasers are tuff, ya dig?

I still remembering reading The Outsiders back when I was in eighth grade.  It was one of my all-time favorite books, though I do still think the names are kind of corny (Ponyboy, Sodapop – what gives?).  The thing that really struck me about it was the way that it seemed so real, so true.  […]

Where has the time gone?

Have you ever had one of those months weeks days that has gone by in a blur? Here I am, in a computer lab full of kids who are slightly hyper but doing remarkably well considering that today is the first dance day of the year, and I just realized that the first quarter of […]

Oh What Fun….

it is to read with a pillow in our room, Hey!  Ok, so it’s a bit early for Christmas carols, but yes I am one of those put-your-fake tree-up-the-day-after-Thanksgiving people anyway.  But the point of this post is to report the resounding success we’ve had with our Teen Read Week celebration. Sadly, my life has […]

Do the Dance

The thing I l-o-v-eabout middle school is the incessant change!!  This constant state of limbo is pretty scary, but can also be a lot of fun.  This week, we’ve spent nearly every minute of English class taking the fabulous M.E.A.P. test (she said facetiously).  What I’ve noticed during these testing sessions are the ways in […]


My first hour class has the pleasure of watching the high school broadcasting program on Friday mornings.  It amazes me how intently they watch, how carefully they listen and how completely transfixed they are for this 10 minutes.  Today there seemed to be a “good ol’ country” theme to the show and Jones Soda kept […]

We’re not alone!!

I just found a really interesting article that talks about exactly the kind of learning that we’re doing here on my blog!  Looks like others have thought this was a pretty cool way to get parents, teachers, and students all on the same page too!  Maybe you can look forward to some literary interpretation homework […]

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Week 5 already….Wow!  This week, both 7th and 8th graders have been digging deep into their memory banks for those priceless jewels.  You know, those totally unplanned, yet completely memorable family activities, or some your “finest” parenting moments.  Actually, most students are recalling things like accidents, emergencies, and a few first crushes.  Many of you […]

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