Pleasant discussions on “Nicenet”

Last week we tried taking our literature discussions to the technological-level by using wikis, which didn’t turn out to be a user friendly for synchronous (at the same time) discussion.  Fortunately for both me and my students, I remembered learning about – an Internet Classroom Assistant.

For two days this week, students have engaged in online discussions and completed assignments which they submitted online using this interactive feature.  I think it’s been really beneficial in getting students to think and “talk” about the topics presented in our books.

I hope to utilize this tool for future books and projects, which will be nice because students can access their work from any computer with an Internet connection.  We’ll continue to learn more about the potential of this site.

Students completed a vocabulary quiz yesterday for the first few chapters of their texts and I have been busily grading all those quizzes, crossword review sheets and reading logs.  Speaking of reading logs, this week I’ve decided to completely throw out the form and have students record their reading in their planners!  Think of the trees we’re saving!  (silent cheer!).

I will have grades posted on Edline this afternoon (evening) just as soon as I get through the 125 DGP papers they submitted today!  (Is there an end to this insanity?!).  I hope you have a great first weekend in November – I think “Fall” has finally arrived!

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  1. Mary Sprunger 11/03/2007 at 9:07 am | | Reply

    I just had a discussion at work the other day about the importance of teaching children (in schools) how to use technology. Some of folks are stuck, and think everyting should still be pen and paper,and computer has no place in the classroom. Children can learn computer on their own time. I am more on the techno side. Pen and paper (old school ways) does need to be a knowledge for these children. BUT, they will be working and living in a computerized world. They need to know how to use the tools of their lifetime. What do I mean their lifetime!!!! My lifetime! We just changed to computerized charting at work. We will soon be phasing out paper charts. Think of all the trees we be saving there!!!!! HUGE CHEER!!! Anyway, my long winded comment is just to say! THANK YOU! For finding clever ways to use recent technology in your teaching!

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