Final Days

Well, my intent to post weekly to this blog didn’t exactly pan out as I’d hoped.  It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy writing and sharing the happenings of our classroom.  It has more to do with finding enough hours within a day to complete all the required tasks.

Factor in the fact that I had forgotten my login information {{sheepish grin}} and it all adds up to why I’m just now posting a farewell message the final full Friday of the school year.  I remember how strange it felt to be missing the beginning months of school as I was home with my new baby girl and growing toddler.  I cherished every moment and soon began looking forward to my return.  With eager anticipation the month of December flew by and I quickly found myself once again overcome by the busyness of being an English teacher, and the excitement of getting to know new students, while reconnecting with those I’d had before.  Now, it hardly seems I missed anything at all.

As you head into the summer, be sure to keep in touch and remember to take the time to notice the little things each and every day!

Thanks for a fantastic year!

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