Goals for 2010

This year, on New Year’s Day while enjoying an authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza a friend of mine shared a family tradition of hers.  Every year during their first family dinner of the new year, her family shares their goals for the upcoming year.  Now as someone who is guilty of making resolutions and failing to keep them I liked that she used the word goals instead.  Resolutions I may fail to keep…but goals I can do.  So as we finished what was arguably one of the best meals of all times all eight of us shared our personal and professional goals for the upcoming year in the restaurant.  Of course (as I am always the teacher) this got me thinking about doing the same thing with my students, so on the Monday we returned from break I asked my students to think about their goals for the new year.  They were asked to write down ACHIEVABLE (yet still challenging) goals for 2010 in school and outside of school.  I also asked them to write down the ways in which they plan to achieve these goals and was very impressed with what they came up with.  These kids are working toward great things!  So as follows, are our goals for 2010.  Enjoy 🙂

Goals for school:

Bring up grades. Come to school more. Turn in homework. Be on the Principal’s list. Get along better with teachers. Get a 4.0. Put in more effort. Review work before turning it in to avoid silly mistakes. Participate more in class discussions. Pass all classes. Ask more questions. Pay attention. Make Honor Roll. Have no missing or late assignments. Turn in all assignments on time. Don’t push teachers’ buttons. Improve vocabulary. Have a positive attitude. Organize my locker. Doodle less.

Goals for outside of school:

Try something new. Read more. Make more family time. Go to bed earlier. Pass drivers training. Get along better with siblings. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Keep room clean. Spend more time outside.  Spend less time playing video games. Make new friends. Practice sports more. Have a better relationship with parents. Be on top of chores. Spend less money.  See the ball drop in Times Square. Be a leader.

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