SOLS ~ Gentle Reminders


For the past two weeks we’ve taken our kids to daycare/preschool while we prepared our classroom or engaged in professional development with our building and district colleagues.  Since we were starting at a new facility, it only made sense to allow for this transition time, and happily, both Calder and Seneca have taken to their new surroundings as we imagined they would.

This morning, however, there was something different about heading out of the house, piling into our mini-van and making the now-familiar daily journey.  Today, was the day for Mommy and Daddy as well.  The first day of school.  I admit, I always get those little butterflies and wonder if I’ll remember to cover all the talking points to insure the best possible beginning for my students.  If the kids picked up on any of my nerves, they sure didn’t show it.  As usual we had a least one minor battle and an added “You get to deal with her,” comment which Calder repeated after hearing Daddy say it following his failed attempt to coax Seneca out of PJs and into her pretty dress.

Thankfully, the dramatic start to our day was reserved only for home as we bid an uneventful farewell to our kids, blowing kisses and giving “air hugs” lest they try to latch themselves around our legs when we come in for “just one more.”

All around me at school ~ in comments I overheard, conversations I had with staff and students ~ I was gently reminded of the reasons I became a teacher.  The excitement.  The energy.  The potential and possibility that is heaped in generous amounts upon each student each and every year – it’s all I can do not to burst at the seams trying to contain all that I hope and wish for my students!

After a resoundingly successful Day One, I returned to collect my kiddos in time for lunch, thankful for my part-time schedule.  “How was school, Mom?” Calder asked as he hopped around the back of the van evading my attempts to fasten him into his car seat.

“It was fabulous, Calder.  Thanks for asking.  How was yours?”

“Um, it was fabulous too!” he grinned, finally deciding to climb in so we could head home.

The excited trills of my toddlers’ laughter remind me to pay close attention to these often overlooked everyday conversations.

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