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SOLSC ~ Letting Go

For the past week, the twelve-mile drive between school and daycare has been occupied with an unwelcome passenger – apprehension.  It began with an innocent conversation one morning during drop-off when I mentioned that Calder has repeated some words I hadn’t heard him use before and he said he learned them from another student in […]

SOLSC ~ Coming Together

I sit, in wonder, on the sidelines. I watch him spinning slow circles on the field. I cheer when he chases the crowd when foot finds ball and he looks my way. I move throughout the classroom and watch them making new choices in their writing. I smile when they come together when pen finds […]


The same excited anticipation kept me restless into the wee hours of the morning, just as it does each and every fall on the eve of a new school year.  Quiet no longer, the halls bustled with eager voices of friends reconnecting and while it felt like a typical first day, it also felt strangely […]

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