The same excited anticipation kept me restless into the wee hours of the morning, just as it does each and every fall on the eve of a new school year.  Quiet no longer, the halls bustled with eager voices of friends reconnecting and while it felt like a typical first day, it also felt strangely familiar.  As if we never really left at all.

This year, I’m thankful to be teaching all English 7 – for the chance to focus and really put some deep thinking and reflection into my teaching practices.  To try new things – a truer version of a reading and writing workshop.  And I am also very grateful for the four minutes of passing time between each class, when I can talk, laugh, and reconnect with the 8th graders.  From catching up about what happened over the summer, to showing me the pocket poem one student is still carrying with him – today was exactly the kind of focused beginning that will kick off a terrific year!

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