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Blogging Bootcamp ~ Day Two

Yesterday was the first day my new group of seventh graders reported to the computer lab to begin their blogs.  For the most part things are going really well, and so far, I’m enjoying the fact that we held off in starting this project until the state testing and early classroom units were complete.  I […]

SOLSC ~ Letting Go

For the past week, the twelve-mile drive between school and daycare has been occupied with an unwelcome passenger – apprehension.  It began with an innocent conversation one morning during drop-off when I mentioned that Calder has repeated some words I hadn’t heard him use before and he said he learned them from another student in […]

SOLSC ~ Coming Together

I sit, in wonder, on the sidelines. I watch him spinning slow circles on the field. I cheer when he chases the crowd when foot finds ball and he looks my way. I move throughout the classroom and watch them making new choices in their writing. I smile when they come together when pen finds […]

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