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Name Our Class Pet!

I’d been thinking about getting a fish for our classroom, and this week our Fishbowl Activity to discuss reading conferences was the perfect opportunity to introduce our new little beta! Throughout the week, students submitted names they liked and I’ve narrowed it down to the final few here in this poll.  Please cast your vote […]

Finished ~ SOLSC ~ 26/31

Just before climbing into a much-needed shower tonight, I put the finishing touches on yet another furniture makeover project.  In the past few weeks I have painted our unusable fireplace, four dining room chairs, a sideboard, a small tabletop lazy Susan, and now, an old sewing table I rescued from the side of the road […]

Hands ~ SOLSC ~ 22/31

  For two weeks, my manicured nails have flashed their redness as I swipe a stray hair from my face or wipe a tear from a tiny eye.  My typical plain hands have been temporarily transformed.  And yet, the increasing gap of non-color prompted me to call for an appointment earlier this week…unfortunately, our schedules […]

Inspiration List ~ SOLSC ~ 21/31

The lack of goodbye as kids bolt out of the car and run into school with their friend. The sun slicing the sky and warming my face as we drive. The crowds. The driving around in search of a simple parking spot. Watching how amazing the student cheering section was at the semi-final game! When […]

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