Finished ~ SOLSC ~ 26/31

SOLSC2014Just before climbing into a much-needed shower tonight, I put the finishing touches on yet another furniture makeover project.  In the past few weeks I have painted our unusable fireplace, four dining room chairs, a sideboard, a small tabletop lazy Susan, and now, an old sewing table I rescued from the side of the road for free one afternoon last year.  In December, my husband and I deconstructed the accompanying chair and recovered it to go in my daughter’s new bedroom.

In all honesty, there is only one piece of furniture we currently own that I can even think of painting, and that is the old piano bench upon which our guinea pig’s cage resides.  And I’m quite certain there’s no rush on getting that finished.  And well, I guess there are two pieces, because I am seriously considering painting our piano…but I’m just not sure.  The product I’m using is a new favorite – Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax.  My favorite makeover is the sideboard.  It went from water discolored white spots on the top of the orangey oak to a lovely shade of duck egg blue complete with distressed edges and white interiors of the two end cabinets.  Each day, when I walk into the mudroom, I see it and can’t help but smile.

As I shared with my husband recently, it’s the first project I’ve completed that has surpassed my expectations!  The sewing table is a close second as is the Emperor’s Silk and dark wax lazy Susan.  For the first time, I have a vision and it seems that they are becoming reality.

I will take this success, this accomplishment, and use it to fuel a few final projects including the accent wall in the master bedroom before calling my list complete.  Unless, by complete you mean I have my taxes done…which might explain the urgency with which I’ve been painting, sanding, waxing and working.

Anyone else pour yourself into projects as procrastination?





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  1. nf 03/27/2014 at 11:29 pm | | Reply

    It may be procrastination, but at least it’s productive procrastination! I love the sound of your sideboard and the chalk paint.. I am anxiously awaiting spring, as I have some spray painting projects that have been waiting all winter! I love diy’ing furniture, although there a few pieces my husband insists must stay “wood stained” … He has this thing about painting good wood! I love the repetition of words at the end of your slice!

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