Snuggle ~ SOLSC ~ 7/31

This morning, as the first slivers of light wound their way through the blinds and danced over my closed lids, I laid there resting and listening.

The upstairs neighbor showered and it made me wonder if our showering was just as loud.

The furnace kicked on and the warmth pushed me momentarily further back into that restful slumber.

Then, my heart began to race as I realized I didn’t remember coming to bed. I only recalled laying down with Seneca and feeling every bit of the day as I dozed right beside her. At some point I sleepwalked my way to bed, but that meant I didn’t post last night!

I waited until after the big dance and everything! Instantly, I was awake, though I wouldn’t allow myself to get up just yet.

The morning unfolded peacefully and Seneca caught up on some much needed sleep. I lent a listening ear to my mom, enjoyed a nice workout and packed a bag to visit my folks. Groceries were purchased and put away and before long we were ready to roll.

We enjoyed a productive and wonderful afternoon with my parents and finished with a great dinner and then games and conversation with some of my favorite people!

Upon returning to my parents’ house Seneca woke up, scared and crying because she wanted to go home. Despite my best efforts to staunch the flow of her tears, they continued.

So, like this morning I’m snuggling once again.  While her worries melt away and she relaxes in my arms, I share this slice on the edge of sleep myself.  And as much as my world felt like it stopped because I hadn’t posted, the sweet contented breaths I hear beside me are all the proof I need to know that sliced about or not, I’m still blessed by this amazing life!

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  1. Michelle N 03/07/2015 at 11:21 pm | | Reply

    I have a daughter that loves to snuggle too. It is very tempting to forget anything else exists.

  2. Ava 03/08/2015 at 5:56 am | | Reply

    Wow! I love this post! You added a lot of detail. This has a lot of feeling and emotion. You told us everything about what happened. Even though snuggling is just a small, simple thing. You made it seem like a big idea. You just made a small moment seem so big people just get so interested.
    – Ava [ a 3rd grader ]

  3. @BethMooreTCRWP 03/08/2015 at 9:19 pm | | Reply

    I love your opening section of this post – what gorgeous details. Also, I love that there is a third grader commenting on your writing, and with such smart feedback!

  4. Amber C. 03/08/2015 at 9:21 pm | | Reply

    You didn’t post a round up thing for today so I’m just going to post it here!
    Love your slice today by the way!

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