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SOLSC ~ 30/31 ~ Enough

This has been an experience as always, and yet right now I am fighting the fight of sickness as it settles in just before spring break. I am looking forward to the rest that will follow these 31 days, in knowing that it’s enough to meet this goal, and that no matter how much – […]

SOLSC ~ 29/31 ~ almost

Tonight SLEEP almost won.

SOLSC ~ 28/31 ~ Rest

SOLSC ~ 28/31 ~ Rest

She sleeps. Dreaming her impossible dreams and leaving me to watch in wonder at how much she’s changed, and yet cherishing that she still needs her Mama when she doesn’t feel well.

SOLSC ~ 26/31 ~ Travel

As I sit and wait for warmth, I’m reminded of the many movies I’ve watched with my sweet cousin. Premieres where we’ve waited in line, some where we’ve purchased tickets to two showings only to be a blessing and surprise strangers with free tickets. I think of many nights I’ve met my aunt for romantic […]

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