SOLSC ~ 5/31 ~ Music

Today was the annual Day of Music, which meant I got to ooh and ahh over the adorable vocal stylings of my sweet singers.

And while that was certainly fun, our enjoyment of music didn’t stop there. Tonight, I was thrilled to spend the evening worshipping God and celebrating the gift of melody and harmony and instrumental talent with my amazing daughter.

She beamed as her favorite singer performed some of her favorite songs. She loves her new shirt and I think she learned to appreciate a couple other fantastic performers as well.

But the I will say the highlight of her (and thereby my) night came when she was able to give JJ Heller the flower she bought with her own money at Day of Music this morning, along with a note expressing her love of JJ’s songs.


It was a beautiful night and an amazing reminder that words and notes and stories are powerful.

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  1. Storykeeper/Ruth 03/06/2016 at 10:14 pm | | Reply

    Music is so powerful. What an amazing night for you and your family.

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