SOLSC Student Link-up 14/31

Classroom SOLSC

Please copy the permalink from you blog post for today and paste it in the comments below.  Be sure to check for comments on your posts and remember that repaying comments and connecting with other writers is the best way to build yourself a writing community.  I will be sharing this post on Two Writing Teachers call for Classroom Challenge posts sometime today.

You’re welcome to go there as well and find other blogs to read and comment on.  Be sure to pay attention to what age the students are so that you are able to offer appropriate feedback.  Unless a blogger has asked for criticism, you should give positive and specific feedback.

By this time, many of you are feeling the crunch for ideas!  If that’s you, this image might be something you’ll enjoy.  I showed this one of the day in the computer lab and hope that you find it helpful to think of a few new ideas to explore.  I’ll also try to post a daily writing invitation here on the class for posts.  If there’s anything else that’s helpful, let me know and I’d love to hear from you and help out how I can!



Keep going!  YOU can DO this!!



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