SOLSC ~ 19/31 ~ Words

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for words. As a kid I would write stories and give journaling my best effort, though I hated the predated diaries because I would inevitably miss a handful of days and feel taunted by those blank pages.

When I read a well-crafted statement, it’s like the unwrapping the most precious gift on Christmas morning. Words have been my dearest friends and sometimes my fiercest enemies.

It’s no surprise that my kids are “wordies” too. We started rhyming with them when they were little, playing and having fun. We’d teach them big words and grin at how adorable they sounded in the tenor of their toddler voices.

And for being an ELA teacher, I’m also a big fan of made up words and what we affectionately call word sandwiches. The older the kids get, the more pun we have with bad jokes and a little creative language license.

Tonight, as I reached to turn on the light for them to read, I noticed the clasp of Seneca’s necklace was wrapped around the switch.

“Hey, Honey, this probably isn’t a good idea.”

A little flustered and with a flair for drama, she waved her hand and fluttered her eyes as she explained that “…it was just Calder. He was…uh….just…well…probably be was just hupperabubinating it, you know with a magnet.”

Calder stopped reading and we all just stared at each other before busting out in laughter. Whatever the word means, it’s definitely one for our little family lexicon – if I remember how to pronounce it that is!

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