SOLSC ~ 26/31 ~ Travel

As I sit and wait for warmth, I’m reminded of the many movies I’ve watched with my sweet cousin. Premieres where we’ve waited in line, some where we’ve purchased tickets to two showings only to be a blessing and surprise strangers with free tickets.

I think of many nights I’ve met my aunt for romantic comedies she couldn’t drag her husband too and since she only has sons, I’m her partner in crime for all things girly and sappy.

I remember watching our kids at the theater for the first time – in awe of the larger than life characters, the lights and sound and total immersion in the experience.

Whether I’m watching the end of the world or the beginning of love, the few hours of escape are curious and sometimes inspiring.

These movies, these stories, allow us to transcend our own lives momentarily. We can travel through time and appreciate a new perspective.

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