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SOLSC 2018 ~ Day 8 ~ No Way

SOLSC 2018 ~ Day 8 ~ No Way

This week has been filled with packing, presenting, cleaning decluttering, organizing, sorting, rethinking, learning, and loving. every. minute. Today, I scratched the surface – pardon the pun – of a lovely little laser cutter. The map project I have been envisioning was etched and edged onto an acrylic plate. Amazed and inspired, I thought there […]

SOLSC 2018 Link-up 8/31

Please copy the permalink from you blog post for today and paste it in the comments below.  Be sure to check for comments on your posts and remember that repaying comments and connecting with other writers is the best way to build yourself a writing community.  I will be sharing this post on Two Writing […]

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