Ms. Cook

Goals for 2010

This year, on New Year’s Day while enjoying an authentic Chicago style deep dish pizza a friend of mine shared a family tradition of hers.  Every year during their first family dinner of the new year, her family shares their goals for the upcoming year.  Now as someone who is guilty of making resolutions and […]

Finding Balance

Last week I asked my 8th grade students to do a quick write.  Their topic was their attitude about reading and writing.  I asked them to be completely honest and tell me their thoughts on the subjects as well as how they think any negative feelings could be improved throughout the year.  Upon reading their quick […]

Class Creeds

Similarly to Mrs. Cornwell’s classes, my 4th and 6th hour also created class creeds.  It is my philosophy as a teacher that students should take ownership of the class rules and guidelines and take part in creating them.  It is just as much their classroom as it is mine!  With that being said, I was […]

Keeping up with the Cornwells

Check this out, I’m getting the hang of blogging!  You would think that as a recent college graduate my technology skills would be stellar, however I must admit that this is my first blogging experience.   I can tell that one of my many challenges this year will be keeping up with the very tech savvy Mrs. […]

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