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Using Mentor Texts to Create Class Creeds

Earlier this week, I invited students to explore the notion of creating a class creed or contract by examining ones we found online and then brainstorming ideas for what they valued and wanted to include in a collective belief about each class.  Not only was I highly impressed by the thoughtfulness and insight the students […]

Reflecting on Week One

In the course of four days I’ve experienced: butterflies of anticipation in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. the throes of an allergic onslaught and thwarted head cold. admiration of my colleagues.  sheer excitement at the possibility each day has to offer. total pride in my amazing students. complete and utter vocal chord exhaustion. a […]

Keeping up with the Cornwells

Check this out, I’m getting the hang of blogging!  You would think that as a recent college graduate my technology skills would be stellar, however I must admit that this is my first blogging experience.   I can tell that one of my many challenges this year will be keeping up with the very tech savvy Mrs. […]

Final Days

Well, my intent to post weekly to this blog didn’t exactly pan out as I’d hoped.  It’s not to say that I don’t enjoy writing and sharing the happenings of our classroom.  It has more to do with finding enough hours within a day to complete all the required tasks. Factor in the fact that […]

Back in the habit

While I spent the fall on maternity leave with my new baby girl and busy toddler, I fell into a nice daily routine.  Meals, activities, playdates, snacks, naps, books and favorite shows were all part of our world.  Evenings spent processing photos and publishing blog posts of our latest news were commonplace.  Slowly, that schedule […]

Food for thought

I know I haven’t posted in a long time, not to say that there haven’t been several blog-worthy happenings or topics to choose from.  Let’s just say I’ve been rather preoccupied with keeping pace with planning, teaching, grading, assessing, adjusting, planning, teaching, re-teaching, assessing… Today it was a simple statement, alive with the random quality […]

Perfectly Paired

If anyone is still reading this, I must first utter most sincere words of apology for not being a diligent reporter.  I know I’ve mentioned before that the site is extremely slow, and then with the busy-ness of the holidays, posting was promptly placed on the back burner.  Thrown in a week’s worth of snow […]

Happy New Year!

I fear I haven’t a clue when my last entry was.  And to be honest, I would check, but once again the site has been so slow that I don’t dare multi-task (write and read simultaneously) on the off chance that it would bog the system down even further. In any case, I thought it […]

Happy Holidays

To be honest, I don’t know the last time I posted.  As I’m sure many of you can relate, the busy-ness of the season has certainly overtaken me!  And I know I say it often, but this site has been extremely s-l-o-w, so I’ve had little patience waiting for it to load so I can […]

It’s been too long!

I’m embarrassed by the fact that my last post was nearly a month ago!  It seems impossible that time has passed so quickly.  I hope that what few readers I managed to attract haven’t written me off as a lost cause (which is a round about way of asking you to leave me some feedback […]

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