30 Days of Thankfulness ~ Day 14

“He punched me,” she sobbed as big choking breaths shook her little body. “What?  Buddy, what happened?” I asked turning to face my sheepish son.  As I sat listening to both sides of the story about wanting the same silly toy I found myself both frustrated and fearful about this first brush with true trouble.  […]

SOLSC ~ Letting Go

For the past week, the twelve-mile drive between school and daycare has been occupied with an unwelcome passenger – apprehension.  It began with an innocent conversation one morning during drop-off when I mentioned that Calder has repeated some words I hadn’t heard him use before and he said he learned them from another student in […]

SOLS ~ Gentle Reminders

SOLS ~ Gentle Reminders

For the past two weeks we’ve taken our kids to daycare/preschool while we prepared our classroom or engaged in professional development with our building and district colleagues.  Since we were starting at a new facility, it only made sense to allow for this transition time, and happily, both Calder and Seneca have taken to their […]

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