2015 SOLSC Challenge

Rest ~ SOLSC ~ 31/31

I’m not quite sure how this month flew by so quickly.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind and I don’t think I’m alone in this feeling.   Most everyone I’ve talked to lately has felt similarly.  March was oddly quick, busy and atypical.  This year has the writing has been much more of a […]

That moment ~ SOLSC ~ 25/31

  It’s the end of the quarter, the weather is breaking and giving way to warm breezes, lighter evenings and the growing sense of freedom that summer days will bring.  It’s spring.  It’s nearly break.  It’s the end of the quarter, and we’re cramming. Today, we worked on connotation and denotation.  We took notes on […]

Kids ~ SOLSC ~ 1/31

I know that I ate some pretty weird things as a child.  I recall sneaking into the refrigerator and digging into the tub of butter, and there are vivid memories of a childhood friend eating an entire tube of her mother’s red lipstick.  Both of those thoughts make me cringe now. Apparently this week is […]

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