English 8

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“A Day’s Wait” by Ernest Hemingway

Today we read this short story and again had about ten minutes to write about one of the invitations below.  This is the third short story we’ve read and written from, and based on what I’ve seen from the first ones I’m sure these pieces are going to be just as fabulous.  Writing Invitations Write […]

“Thank You, M’am” by Langston Hughes

Today we read this short story looking at the characterization that Hughes uses. Upon reading this text, students discussed the story, what they expected to happen and what actually happened. For their writing assignment, students can choose one of the following writing invitations. Write about a time when something happened in your life where you […]

A-Wordling We Go

Some of my students from last year might remember my infatuation with creating word clouds using Wordle.  There are so many educational possibilities for this type of organization and classification.  Last week in class, I asked my 8th grade students to write down individual lists of things they were looking forward to this year, and […]

Keeping up with the Cornwells

Check this out, I’m getting the hang of blogging!  You would think that as a recent college graduate my technology skills would be stellar, however I must admit that this is my first blogging experience.   I can tell that one of my many challenges this year will be keeping up with the very tech savvy Mrs. […]

Back to School Night

While we have been at school for the past couple of weeks preparing the room, the lessons, and ourselves for the start of another year, it wasn’t really real until yesterday.  Hearing the clink of locker doors, the buzz of nervous excited students and the gentle reminders of parents, made it very clear this was […]

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