English 8

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Students in my 8th grade English class have begun working on a collection of poetry.  We will be completing 8 different kinds of poems for students to compile and illustrate in a hardbound published book. So far students have done a fair job of working at this genre.  Some have really taken to it and […]

Goin’ Live!

I hope this will work…we recorded our discussion today in First Hour and since several of my 8th graders are going to be on a field trip this afternoon, I thought I would post the discussion so they could hear it… Try this link to listen to our reenactment of the rumble scene from The […]

Greasers are tuff, ya dig?

I still remembering reading The Outsiders back when I was in eighth grade.  It was one of my all-time favorite books, though I do still think the names are kind of corny (Ponyboy, Sodapop – what gives?).  The thing that really struck me about it was the way that it seemed so real, so true.  […]


My first hour class has the pleasure of watching the high school broadcasting program on Friday mornings.  It amazes me how intently they watch, how carefully they listen and how completely transfixed they are for this 10 minutes.  Today there seemed to be a “good ol’ country” theme to the show and Jones Soda kept […]

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Week 5 already….Wow!  This week, both 7th and 8th graders have been digging deep into their memory banks for those priceless jewels.  You know, those totally unplanned, yet completely memorable family activities, or some your “finest” parenting moments.  Actually, most students are recalling things like accidents, emergencies, and a few first crushes.  Many of you […]

Enthusiastic Eighth Graders

By the time you reach the top level of any school or workplace, there’s a level of comfort and in some cases a sense of entitlement that begins to penetrate your thinking.  In the four days we’ve been in session, we’ve had several rousing discussions about the changes being made around this building.  And while […]

Eighth Grade Schedule

Hopefully everyone is starting to get used to hitting the hay a little earlier and getting up and around before noon now.  Aw, who am I kidding?  If I didn’t think I needed the practice getting out of the house of time now that I have a whole other person to care for, I would […]

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