English 7

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Keeping up with the Cornwells

Check this out, I’m getting the hang of blogging!  You would think that as a recent college graduate my technology skills would be stellar, however I must admit that this is my first blogging experience.   I can tell that one of my many challenges this year will be keeping up with the very tech savvy Mrs. […]

Back to School Night

While we have been at school for the past couple of weeks preparing the room, the lessons, and ourselves for the start of another year, it wasn’t really real until yesterday.  Hearing the clink of locker doors, the buzz of nervous excited students and the gentle reminders of parents, made it very clear this was […]

Children’s Storybooks

Last week students drafted their stories after brainstorming several topics they could write about.  We looked at several examples of picture books, though most students had an idea already floating around in their mind.  Your students are writing original children’s stories that will be published and illustrated.  The understanding for the assignment is that the writing […]

Where has the time gone?

Have you ever had one of those months weeks days that has gone by in a blur? Here I am, in a computer lab full of kids who are slightly hyper but doing remarkably well considering that today is the first dance day of the year, and I just realized that the first quarter of […]

Do the Dance

The thing I l-o-v-eabout middle school is the incessant change!!  This constant state of limbo is pretty scary, but can also be a lot of fun.  This week, we’ve spent nearly every minute of English class taking the fabulous M.E.A.P. test (she said facetiously).  What I’ve noticed during these testing sessions are the ways in […]

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Week 5 already….Wow!  This week, both 7th and 8th graders have been digging deep into their memory banks for those priceless jewels.  You know, those totally unplanned, yet completely memorable family activities, or some your “finest” parenting moments.  Actually, most students are recalling things like accidents, emergencies, and a few first crushes.  Many of you […]

Splendid Seventh Graders

After the first week of school I can say without a moment’s hesitation that things went swimmingly.  I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of responsibility and accountability the students have demonstrated this week. We’ve spent a great deal of class time talking about this year’s motto, “Building a Culture of Respect” and what […]

Seventh Grade Schedule

Hopefully everyone is starting to get used to hitting the hay a little earlier and getting up and around before noon now.  Aw, who am I kidding?  If I didn’t think I needed the practice getting out of the house of time now that I have a whole other person to care for, I would […]

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