As you well know, bloggers are creatures who thrive on community.  As much as I write, comments and community keep me coming back to this space.  Over the years, social media posts and comments have begun to create a similar sense of community, though I still find myself drawn to the versatility of a blog.  I can write longer posts, add images, embed other elements and add pages.  Throughout this process of showcasing those standout moments and reflecting on the some of the less-standout moments, I’m not only growing as an individual, a writer, and an educator, but I’m also building capacity as part of a larger community.

Additionally, by linking to and drawing from resources and opportunities around me, I’m also connecting and contributing to the community.  So, follow some of the links below to see what there is to offer for readers, writers, and more!  If you have an idea or know of another resource, please contact me at elaroom101 (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you’re here as part of the 4TDW Conference, you’ll find the links and questions below helpful, and may consider looking at some of the resources on the other pages in the drop-down menu.

Questions to Consider:

  1. What observations can you make about the type of communities that exist here or as part of other digital initiatives?
  2. More specifically, what do the comments on some of the posts below suggest about the relationships between me and the commenters? Is it clear whether or not these relationships were formed virtually or in person?
  3. Are there other parts of my blog that indicate a sense of community?

Suggested Posts:

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