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Thanks for visiting my site!  As you peruse these posts and pages, you’ll likely find that much of the writing done here is for my students and I to keep a record of the learning and growth we experience as readers and writers.  You’ll also likely discover that there are episodes of steady and focused posting and times that are a little less busy.  That’s the reality of my life as a wife, mother, and teacher.  I will continue to work toward blogging more, reflecting more, and growing more.  And I won’t let moments of less discourage me along the way!

If you’re here as part of the 4TDW Conference, you’ll find the links below helpful, and may want to visit some of the other pages from the Digital Home drop-down menu as well.

Questions to consider:

  1. How have I established this digital space as a “home” from which I both go out into other digital communities and also pull in stories or other content for my own reflection?
  2. Are there ways you can see personal touches in this digital space?  How do my words or other elements indicate who might “live” here?
  3. How have student bloggers made their own blogs a digital “home” for themselves as well?  Is this most noticeable through visuals or text?  Do you think students would have similar feelings about their class notebooks?  Why, or why not?

Suggested Teacher-Written Posts:

  • Week Three (archived post from first year blogging)
  • Remember (archived from 2011)
  • Four (from Slice of Life Story Challenge 2011)
  • Notice (photography-related Slice of Life Story Challenge post 2016)

Suggested Student Posts/Blogs:

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