Professional Development

Below are the topics about which I have presented in either small or large group settings.  If you’d like more information, please contact me at ELAroom101 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Google Tips and Tricks

Blogging in the Middle School Classroom

Developing Web Presence

In addition to traditional Professional Development opportunities, I was inspired by an amazing keynote speaker at the MACUL 2015 Conference in Detroit to learn more about his initiative to utilize blogs themselves as a vehicle for individualized professional development as well.

If you’re here as part of the 4TDW Conference, you’ll find the links below helpful, and you may want to visit other posts from the archives as well.

Suggested Activities and Questions to Consider:

  • Scroll through the sidebar on the right.
    • What categories do you see that relate to professional development?
  • Read Magic Eye (Dec. 2010).
  • Read SOLSC ~ 2011 ~ Reflection (March 2011).
    • While these posts aren’t included in any of the professional development categories, do you think they could be?  Why?  What type of learning or growth is indicated by this type of digital writing?  Could these posts fit into any of the other “ways” of blogging (i.e. digital home or community)?
  • Use the search box in the sidebar to look up words like “reflective” or “growth” or “learner”.
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